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Zola Restaurant

Add:88 Jingzhou Rd

Tel:0571-8190 3128



If you ask people where to eat pizza, they may tell you the names of a couple of famous chain restaurants. However, in Hangzhou there is a pizza shop serving a unique delicacy.

Zola is easy for passersby to miss because of its inconspicuous facade. But for those who have already sampled its pizza, it is unforgettable.The store has a minimalist decor with orderly wooden tables and chairs. The most eye-catching spot is the open kitchen, where diners can watch the chefs make and bake pizza.

There is a big stove made of coarse bricks in the kitchen. It is equipped with an advanced system controlling the temperature inside and it'sheated by gas. The stove is the secret to Zola's pizza being tastier than others. Zola's pizza features thin dough, thick cheese and ample toppings. The crust is crisp while the middle part is al dente.