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Central Plain Yi Da Wan (Fengtan Rd Branch)

Add:270 Fengtan Rd

Tel:0571-8190 3316



The name of the eatery implies that it offers a hearty meal. Yi da wan means a big bowl in Chinese. The name is honest: All the dishes come in bigger plates and bowls than in other restaurants.

Central Plain in the name refers to Henan Province in China. Noodles are indispensable in Henan people's daily lives.  The Henan stewed noodles is listed as one of the five noodle varieties of China. The noodles are shaped flat and broad, covered in a little vegetable oil.

The soup for the noodles should be quality mutton soup, braised for more than five hours and with tofu, kelp, shredded squid and quail eggs added. Chefs boil the noodles in the soup, and then top them with coriander and chili sauce when served.