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Lao Hang BangPastry Store

Add:17 Guohuo Rd

Tel:400 607 1231


This bright and fancy store with a vintage atmosphere sells Hangzhou pastry, tea and nuts that are good for snacks or as gifts. Neatly designed packages of food are displayed on old-style Chinese wooden shelves lit with warm lights - it's rare to see a traditional food store with such fashionable decor.

They mostly sell pastries made at their own factory, and since they do not use additives or preservatives, the pastries are fresh for only about a month.Traditional pastries like crispy sesame cakes and crispy rice cakes are made according to modern preferences, with some labeled as containing less sugar (so they are not too sweet) and others no sugar (for those with health restrictions). Another traditional Hangzhou treat, osmanthus flowers cakes, are soft, a bit glutinous and appropriately sweet.

Their new line of Longjing pastries are best-sellers. They have a crust made of flour and some powdered Longjing tea, which is Hangzhou's famous green tea. The stuffings are also quite authentically local: pomelo with Hangzhou small chrysanthemum, Chinese yams with osmanthus flowers, and roses with Longjing tea.Longjing tea is sold in sleek metal boxes, and the best-seller is their own blend of osmanthus Longjing tea, 68 yuan (US$11.16) for 35 grams. All Longjing tea sold at the store includes its geographical provenance as proof of authenticity.