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Wushan Road's north area

Add:Wushan Rd between Pinghai and Jiefang rds


Wushan Road, a long, traditional lane that used to be home to many stores selling daily necessities as well as snack booths, has been almost forgotten by locals since construction of both Hangzhou's Metro Line 1 and Hubin Intime Department Store covered the narrow lane in dust and blocked it with blue construction fences.

The lane finally reopened in Autumn 2013, with the subway line finished last year and the second phase of Hubin Intime Department Store finished this year.The strip is half the same and half different now. Its east side still has old buildings with snack booths and small stores offering daily needs - it's still a place for nearby residents to grab a bite and buy cigarettes. While its west side, now a part of the Hubin Intime Department Store, has been refashioned in grey stone and glass and touts international premium brands.