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Yakitori Senkushiya

Add:336-1 Zhongshan Rd M.

Tel:0571-8706 0353



This location has a reputation among many Japanese living in China as the best yakitori eatery in China, according to its owner, Xu Hui, who calls himself a "student" of Senkushiya in Tokyo. Recommended by many well-known food critics in the country, the small store is a rendezvous place for gourmands, though it has no sashimi or sushi, but only yakitori, salad, ramen, rice and some other dishes.

This izakaya seems to avoid direct competition with others but instead puts all its efforts toward what it excels at - especially yakitori (the grilled chicken kebabs can be meat, viscera, cartilage and skin) and ramen.

The ramen is a must. Every morning, cooks uses a Japanese pressure cooker to simmer pig bone, chicken and fish bone for eight hours (it opens at 5pm), and the noodles are made by secret recipe.  And the Mapo tofu, expensive at 48 yuan (in many Chinese restaurants it's sold for less than 10 yuan), is strong enough to sting your tongue and lips for several minutes. It is strongly recommended for spicy food lovers.

It has only 15 seats on the first floor, lined up along a long table facing the cooks. Small private rooms are located on the second floor.