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Kushiage Fumiya

Add:505 Zhongshan Rd M.

Tel:0571-8895 9618



The name reflects its main product - kushiage - a Japanese-style deep-fried kebab that can be made with chicken, pork, seafood and seasonal vegetables.

The signature food, kushiage pork chop (88 yuan/US$14), is a two-finger-thick chop, which, though deep-fried, has enough moisture that it tastes neither too oily nor too old and dried out. Cabbage and toncatsu sauces top make every bite, helping make it rich and balanced.

The quality of the fresh vegetables served in side dishes and in set meals indicate the excellence of the kitchen. Cabbage and radishes are surprisingly sweet, while cucumbers and carrots are very refreshing.

Other musts include potato salad, udon (thick noodles) and plum chazuke (cooked rice in tea). The potato salad is said to be extremely smooth and with strong umami, which is a savory taste. And the udon is said to be made of premium noodles discovered by Xu in Japan.