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Yoshikawa Izakaya (Jianguo Rd M. Branch)

Add:108 Jianguo Rd M.

Tel:1366 6616 004


With only with five tables (each serving four people) and two rooms, this izakaya is in demand. It looks like the izakaya of Japan, featuring simple wooden furniture, a TV that plays only Japanese programs and Japanese-style decorations.

The izakaya provides a lunch set for about 30 yuan, and is patronized by office workers and students in the area. A set meal contains a dish, a bowl of rice, a bowl of steamed egg and a bowl of miso soup. But if you order some sashimi, sushi and sake, the average cost may add up to about 100 yuan.

The grilled and fried foods are both good, but the service is slow. The sashimi is fresh. Recommended are fish cakes, mashed potatoes and grilled codfish. All Japanese alcohol is 20 percent off this month to celebrate a new store opening in Binjiang District.