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Kafelaku Coffee

Add:1/F, 002, Intime City, 299 Fengdeng Rd

Tel:0571-8761 6466


With one of the most expensive coffees in the town - 268 yuan for a cup - Kafelaku Coffee has caught Hangzhou foodies's eyes and tongues. The coffee is kopi luwak or civet coffee, in which the beans have been eaten and excreted by the Asian palm civet, which is said to make the coffee smoother through its digestive enzymes.

But how does it taste - Well, the civet poop coffee is neither bitter nor strong, but rather tastes a bit sour and light. There also are cheaper versions including kopi luwak cappuccinos, lattes and mochas (all 128 yuan each), and also the kopi luwak coffee blended beverage (138 yuan).

Cheap ordinary coffees start at 18 yuan, brewed at your table, with the coffee ground in a glass chamber above and water boiling below. Nearly 20 kinds of cakes and muffins are available in a chiller cabinet.

Cat-shaped dolls and civet photos highlight the cafe's theme, and comfy wooden furniture and sofas are provided for customers inside and out. The free Wi-Fi is fast.