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Nimo Restaurant and Bar

Add:1/F, F Building, Intime City, 299 Fengdeng Rd

Tel:0571-8761 6211


Welcoming customers at Italian-style Nimo Restaurant are jellyfish that pump on a screen in the restaurant's hall and on an LED screen above bar table.

Reminiscent of the ocean are the restaurant's white lamp stands, inspired by coral, as well as mirrors that are square and round, vertical and oblique, reflecting sunlight through the French windows as if off the water's surface.

The signature of the restaurant is made-from-scratch pasta (all kinds) and pizzas (sold in slices). Pasta made in the morning is served only on that day, and original sauces are made by an Italian chef.Their pizza uses thick focaccia, a crunchy bread with a light, sweet flavor and pleasant smell, topped with Parmesan cheese and sprinkled with mozzarella.

In order not to have the restaurant thought of as a pizza joint, they serve pizza only in slices, which sell for only 15 yuan. Other foods are inexpensive, too. The best-seller, fusilli with a variety of mushrooms, and fusilli with asparagus are 45 yuan each. Spaghetti with seafood is 56 yuan, and grilled sirloin is 158 yuan.