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Fengqi Flower and Fish Market

Add:198 Kaixuan Rd


This market started out in 1992 as a grocery market. It became a flower and pet market around 1996, and then a flower and ornamental fish market in 2010.

The evolution of the market reflects the changing lifestyles of nearby residents. In the early 1990s, the market was built to provide imported fruit and vegetables with the country’s reform and opening-up. Over times, more and more booths in the market began to sell flowers as residents in the mid-1990s increasingly began to beautify their homes. The market soon became dominated by retail and wholesale flower businesses.

The retail pet trade started to locate at the market. Dogs, especially, dominated the pet trade. “The trend of raising a dog as a pet started in the late 1990s,” says booth owner Xiao Wei, who has been running a fish and aquarium business for almost 10 years.

The prosperous pet trade lasted until 2010, but many businesses had to shut down because the noise from barking dogs and twittering birds disturbed residents nearby. The market got a facelift and reopened in 2010, and now it’s brighter, larger and cleaner. The dogs and birds are gone and fish are in. Now, the market mainly sells flowers, fish and pet turtles, aquariums and accessories.