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Chong Yi Church

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Chong Yi Church covers an area of 12,480 square meters and can accommodate 5,500 people. The 42-million-yuan (US$ 6.7 million) construction cost was donated by Protestants around the globe.Made of stone and featuring gray brickwork, the church has a simple and elegant style. The shape of the roof resembles the Chinese character ren or man (人), which forms two sides of a fan-shaped surface.

The original site of Chong Yi Church was in Qingtai Street. Dating back to 1866, Hudson Taylor, a British Protestant missionary to China and founder of the China Inland Mission (now OMF International), came to Hangzhou and rented a large house as the city headquarters of Protestantism.

In 1902, believers purchased a piece of land along Qingtai Street and built the old Chong Yi Church under the guidance of clergyman Wang Nanzheng.Today, Chong Yi Church is considered by many as the symbol of the Protestantism of Zhejiang Province.