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Tarim Restaurant

Add:175 Hedong Rd

Tel:0571-8523 9054


This restaurant is also named after a Xinjiang geographic feature - the Tarim Basin, which occupies an area of about 906,500 square kilometers.The restaurant's decor showcases traditional Uygur style. Uygur carpets and the morin khuur - a bowed stringed instrument traditionally played by north China nomads - are hung on the walls and artificial grape vines are entwined around pillars.

Recommended dishes include Xinjiang big-plate chicken and Xinjiang hand pilaf.Xinjiang big plate chicken - stewed chicken, potatoes and fettuccine - is the signature traditional northwestern dish offered here. It is said that before the liberation in 1945, a Sichuan man escaped to Xinjiang and opened a restaurant beside the No 312 national highway.

Xinjiang hand pilaf makes a frequent appearance on Uygurs dinner tables and is considered an essential dish to serve to guests at banquets. Ingredients include onions, carrot, mutton and rice. It is so named because originally people ate it using their hands, however, nowadays spoons and chopsticks are provided.