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Pamir Restaurant

Add:9-5 Qiutao Rd N.

Tel:0571-8652 0381


This restaurant is named after the famous Pamir Plateau, which ranges in the border of China, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. The area belonging to China is located in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

The staff are Uygur and frequent customers include Xinjiang natives working or studying in Hangzhou who drop in for a taste of home.

In the restaurant, naan flat bread is taken as the staple. While some versions are 50 centimeters in diameter, the ones on offer here are a more wieldy 15 centimeters. 

Homemade yogurt is the favorite drink of many Uygur people and the variety offered here has fresher more mellow taste than ones sold in supermarkets. Beef and mutton dishes form the bulk of the menu. Roast whole lamb, the most famous Xinjiang dish, is available for 1,688 yuan (US$270).