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Xiao Zhu Li Inn

Add:6 Baileqiao

Tel:0571-8971 9898


This inn reflects the surrounding Buddhist culture and beliefs of its owner Zhu Li in its decor. In the steps leading to the lobby sit two Buddhas, while a large vase of artificial lotus flowers and a mini fountain are found in corners of the lobby.

On the shelf are heads of Buddha and various forms of Maitreya, foretold as a future Buddha. Traditional wooden tables and chairs, together with other knickknacks like porcelains, jade items and traditional ink paintings, add to the Chinese flavor of the inn.

Xiao Zhu Li Inn has 19 rooms, each featuring different decor designed by Zhu and her husband, Song Lingfu. The rooms are named after poetic Chinese phrases, adding to the artistic ambience. And as the nearest inn to Lingyin Temple, guests awaken to the sound of its bell.