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Zoo Coffee(Sichuan Rd Branch)

Add:Rm 102, 853 Sichuan Rd N.



Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


The loft-style cafe is designed as a childlike and playful jungle zoo.Sculptures of dolphins leaping out of the water form its front door arch.A giraffe sculpture five meters high inside is notable. Walls are painted with lions, elephants and night owls. Horse and zebra sculptures, both around two meters high, are at the corner. Parrot toys are placed on chandeliers, making them look like they are flying in the sky. Banana leafs divide seating, ensuring customers’ privacy.

Customers can see and hear animals created by a slide projected on the wall. The staircase wall is covered with giraffe toys in various sizes made from various materials. There’s also a counter inside selling animal toys. Some of their coffees are overly sweet, and there is a lack of variety in the foods.

Must-orders: Oreo sorbet (drink is topped with a thick layer of cream and flavored by chocolate sauce); matcha latte, Belgian waffles (served with cream and jam)