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Initial Restaurant & Wine

Add:838-2 Hengshan Rd



Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


The cafe is in a glass house under the parasol trees. Although its owner is from Hong Kong, the style is typically Korean, represented by a crystal chandelier, white lace tablecloths and curtains, and baroque-style wooden chairs.

Servers dressed up in Korean styles are appealing. There are five outdoor seats that are recommended for sunny days. The establishment is known for their flavored coffees, especially some that have liqueur added.

All of their coffees can be served both hot and iced. Foods combine Asian with European influences.

Must-orders: Black-and-white chocolate coffee (presented as stripes of white alternating with stripes of black in the glass; flavors are balanced when blended), lychee espresso (slightly sour lychee liqueur balances the deep flavor of the coffee and gives the taste more complexity), mushroom cappuccino (it’s actually a mushroom soup with foam featuring a creative presentation), seafood pasta (they use a small sea-colored enamel pot to serve the food, ensuring both the serving temperature and presentation), pot plant drink (with milk covered with a layer of “soil” made from crushed nuts, pistachio and Oreo cookies)

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