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Add:158 Jinhui Rd S.


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That romantic kiss on the window in the South Korean drama is shot at a MANGOSIX Seoul branch. The bright and spacious loft café has the ambience of tropical beach, filled with straw sofas, beach sunshades, green plants and replicas of coconut trees.

A cute chimpanzee in the shop is an attraction, and is said to be the cafe spokesperson.

Korean drama lovers insist on ordering their blue lemonade soda just as Seo Yi Soo did in the drama as she waited for her love. The café is known for using quality Hawaiian Kona coffee beans to brew coffee. Their iced drinks made from mango also are a highlight.

Must-orders: Blue lemonade soda (with a refreshing taste and a charming bright sea color created by adding Curacao Liqueur), mocha, latte, mango coconut milk (balanced sweet and sour flavor), fruit waffles (topped with banana, kiwi and mango, featuring a light and fresh taste), mango flavor tree cakes