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Maan Coffee (Jinhui Rd S. Branch)

Add:265 Jinhui Rd S.



Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


The cafe is decorated like a dreamy fairytale. It’s in a log cabin with an outdoor corridor covered with flowers and with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Bare brick walls, shelves of books and a chandelier with tree branches wound around it make customers feel like they’re in a forest. After customers place their orders, they will get a cute bear toy in varied colors as a receipt.

Seats on the second floor and those in the outdoor corridor with sunshades are recommended.

Must-orders: American coffee, hazelnut caramel latte, cheese waffles (filled with cheese, making each bite less dry; it’s served with blackberry jam, honey and fresh cream), waffle set (four slices of waffle served with fresh greens, sweet corn, bacon and sausage).

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