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Mandarinpi Chinese School

Add:Room 3501A ,Nanzheng Building,580 West Nanjing Road,Jing'an District,Shanghai

Tel:021-6241 5035

Time:monday-sunday 9am-9pm



Fax:021-6241 5035

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Welcome to Mandarinpi Chinese school.Mandarinpi is committed to provide global different customers professional, efficient, targeted, interesting customized Chinese services . Our focus is on you !we take the student as the main body, pay all attention to every student’ individual needs, and using the practical teaching method in the whole process of learning.We are trying our best to maximize your learning potential ,and make it both easier and faster to learn Chinese. Through our training courses, you can solve your Chinese listening ,speaking,reading and writing problem,and grasp the most popular and most practical language skills.You will become a real "China expert"!Let us help you to join into the big group which has a huge population of 1300000000 and get what you want in China.