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Cats on the Loft

Add:718 Wenhui Rd



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The cafe, in Songjiang University Town, is known for helping shelter stray cats and find them homes. University students send strays to the cafe.

Photos of stray cats are posted on the wall, and those who hope to adopt them can fill out an application.At one time, there were more than 10 stray cats at the cafe. It has helped find new homes for about 50 stray cats.

The cafe provides a cozy shelter for small stray cats, and a place where they can sit in the sunshine. There were about six cats at the cafe during a recent visit.

The cafe also has become a place for parties for those who love cats, allowing them to exchange helpful experiences about raising cats and share stories.

Some drinks at the cafe are also cat-themed.

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164