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Red Orange Youth Hostel

Add:Mansion No. 4 Hongjie Tiancheng Area

Tel:1596 7104 890

Credit Cards Accepted


One cure for daily difficulties or frustrations is to buy a train ticket to a new place for a weekend, perhaps meeting new friends or trying new foods while there.

That footloose lifestyle is one that Miss Orange, owner of Red Orange Youth Hostel, finds attractive, and she has found the way to serve these travelers and make money by opening several hotels and hostels around train stations in different cities. One of them is the Red Orange Youth Hostel, three minutes’ walk from the new Hangzhou train station.

Unlike hostels in scenic areas, the small hostel is in an apartment building and provides very simple services — so simple that it’s do-it-yourself in some ways — with an affordable price of 40 yuan to 60 yuan per bed.

The DIY part means customers take their sheets, quilt cover and pillow slip from the reception desk and make their own beds. Then, they return the sheet, quilt cover and pillowcase to the reception when they check out.The hostel does not take a deposit and provides such supplies such as a towel, toothpaste or shampoo only for an additional charge of 1 yuan each. A hot water shower is available 24 hours a day.

The hostel is looking at becoming more DIY, possibly replacing the receptionist with a box to collect money and having a security guard register ID cards.