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Aizhisu Creative Cuisine

Add:207 Chengjiaqiaozhi Rd



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At first glance, this doesn’t look like a vegetarian restaurant at all. The menu features simulated meat dishes that really look and taste like the real thing, including many not commonly found in other vegetarian restaurants.

The menus cover a wide variety of styles, including Shanghai, Sichuan, Taiwan, Southeastern Asian and Japanese cuisines.

Sautéed “prawns” with almond chips is a signature dish here. The prawns are made from mushrooms and bean products and are nicely chewy. The faint fragrance of almond chips makes a perfect accompanying sauce.

Beijing-style “pork ribs” is another popular dish. Also made from bean products, the “ribs” are quite soft.A seasoned soybean sauce gives the dish a savory flavor but is not too salty.

For those who don’t like the idea of beans masquerading as meat, the restaurant also offers more orthodox vegetarian choices. Its vegetable curry is a popular dish, with steamed carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and celery enveloped in a spicy sauce. The dish is not hot in the traditional Indian curry sense, but rather retains the original flavor of the vegetables.