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597 Vegetarian Restaurant

Add:5/F, Shanghai Sky Mall, 5001, Dushi Rd



Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


The menu here is relatively traditional but that doesn’t make it boring. The vegetarian minced “crabmeat,” vegetarian “duck” and spring rolls are all versions of home-cooked meals in Shanghai. That similarity is what draws so many people to this restaurant.

The minced “crabmeat” is among the most popular of dishes. It is made from potato and carrots, seasoned with the key ingredient of vinegar. The color, shape and taste resemble real minced crab.

Vegetarian “duck” is actually bean curd shin roll. The dish is a tricky one to pull off. Too little oil, and the roll is dry as paper; too much oil and it becomes overly greasy.

The spring rolls here are deep-fried, so they are probably best avoided by people seeking post-holiday healthy eating. Instead, try the mashed yam as an after-dinner snack.