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Chan Cha Su

Add:719, Lianhua Rd S.



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The name of the restaurant is translated as “zen, tea and a vegetarian diet.” Run by a Buddhist, the eatery feels more like a Buddhism center than a restaurant.

There is a prayer room behind the dining hall, where Sarira is worshiped. This is a favorite place to eat for monks, nuns and people who are interested in Buddhism, but everyone is welcome. The food is simple but delicate. Tofu soup with green vegetable, braised black poplar mushrooms and noodles are quite popular.

The price is also very down to earth. Customers can enjoy a full meal for only 25 yuan (US$4). On the first and 15th of every month of the lunar calendar, the restaurant provides vegetarian bento, with no fixed price. People just pay whatever they want. It’s a ploy to persuade more people to try a vegetarian diet and feel virtuous in the bargain.