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E Warehouse

Add:751 Yichang Rd

Tel:021-5272 7766 ext 8010


This 1.15-acre creative park was developed by Shanghai Zhoujiaqiao Creative cultural Company as their second project after the Zhoujiaqiao Creative Center in Changning District. The center, located at 751 Yichang Road, was old factory houses in the 1970s.

The E Warehouse was opened in 2007, among the third group of creative industrial parks launched in Shanghai. The center has 10 buildings dating from the 1930s to the 1950s, all factory plants in various styles, providing large spaces with high ceilings. As it sits on the west bank of the Suzhou Creek, the center constructed a 100-meter-long and 5-meter-wide platform along the flood control wall, which is also a patio with plants, flowers and leisure facilities.

The lighting is another special feature that attracts visitors — in the evening the park really shines along the Suzhou Creek landscape.

The second phase of E Warehouse finished in 2011 is now home to 27 companies. All space is rented out, with more than 90 percent being creative industries like design firms, advertising agencies, architectural firms, animation and gaming companies as well as cultural promotion and communication agencies. The center also has facilities for hosting fashion shows, making it a new fashion and creative landmark in Shanghai.