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Cat Eyes

Add:Rm17A, Bldg A, 129 Datian Rd



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Stepping into Cat Eyes, a cafe in downtown Jing’an District, visitors will be greeted by more than 10 cats. They love being around people and jump onto visitors’ knees and may just fall asleep there.

The owner, 25-year-old Shanghainese Zhu Qian’an, opened the cafe two years ago on Guoshun Road in Yangpu District, where several universities are located, drawing many students.

A stray cat named Chou Niu (meaning “ugly girl” in Chinese) was picked up by Zhu when it was three months old, and a fluffy white chinchilla cat are among the most popular. Others also have some cute names, some given by their fans, like Mo Cha (matcha green tea) or Bao Zi (steamed bun).