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Mutton Soup Restaurant

Add:64 Zhongshan Rd M.

Tel:0571-8702 7346



The term mutton soup restaurant originally applied to classic Hangzhou Muslim restaurants offering fast food, including dim sum and noodles. There were a bunch of them centuries ago. Zhongshan Road M. and its side streets still boast some restaurants serving Muslim food.

Founded in 1788, this one has taken the generic name Mutton Soup Restaurant.Befitting its history stretching back more than two centuries, Mutton Soup Restaurant offers some very traditional fare. However, these are complemented with new dishes.

As its name suggests, the eatery mainly offers mutton dishes, but it is no longer a Muslim restaurant since it also has pork on the menu.Classic dishes include sliced boiled mutton and mutton braised in sauce, while many dishes featuring chopped cooked entrails are also available.Also try shish kebabs, sliced mutton fried with fish, barbecued leg of lamb and grilled lamb chops. Lamb and sheep organs are also served in several dishes.

The restaurant’s popular items include mutton noodles and steamed mutton dumplings. The secret dumpling recipe goes back more than 100 years.The first floor of the eatery sells fast food like rice and noodles, while main dishes, including a small selection of Hangzhou cuisine, are available on the second floor.First-time customers will easily recognize the restaurant as a sheep sculpture stands in front of the entrance.