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Yilan West Lake Noodles

Add:146 Laodong Rd


Near West Lake is one of the city’s best Muslim eateries.

This unfashionable hole in the wall is surprisingly clean with an eye-catching tropical fish tank that keep diners entertained while they wait for their food.Here you’ll find one of Hangzhou’s best eggs fried with tomato dish. They use the freshest tomatoes available and farm eggs. The result is a sweet and tangy dish that is excellent with rice or noodles.

Speaking of noodles, this newly opened restaurant also serves authentic beef noodles with possibly the best broth in town, topped with plenty of fresh chives and cilantro.The menu also includes all the staples of northwestern Chinese cuisine including a refreshing salad made out of onion, cilantro and green peppers, as well as many different lamb dishes.