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Guangqi Park

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Built on the site of the ancient scientist Xu Guangqi’s private graveyard, Guangqi Park is a commemorative park covering 13,200 m2 that has been well preserved ever since its establishment in 1641 by order of Emperor Chongzhen in the late Ming Dynasty (1368–1644).

Formerly Nandan Park, it was later renamed Guangqi Park in Xu’s honor. In 2003, the tomb and the memorial archway were renovated along with the “sacred road” that connects them according to the Ming Dynasty’s traditions.

Also,he is buried in this park.

The tomb is composed of ten vaults which house the remains of Xu and his wife Madam Wu as well as his four grandsons and their spouses. According to the Ming dynasty’s burial traditions, the graveyard has a “sacred road” leading to the memorial archway.

Along with tombstones and decorative columns, the road is lined with pairs of statues depicting human officials, horses, tigers and sheep. In 1988, the graveyard was listed by the State Council as a national historic site for special preservation.