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Xu Guangqi Memorial Hall

Add:17 Nandan Rd

Tel:021-6438 1780



The memorial hall was originally named “Nanchunhua House” and was built during Emperor Hongzhi’s reign (1487-1505) in the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) and relocated to its current site from East Meilong Village in 2003.

After the Xu Guangqi’s statue in front of his tomb was also moved inside, the house became his memorial hall. The main exhibition area has two rows of room and houses a screen wall, a stele corridor, a wing and a rear courtyard.

The memorial hall displays Xu Guangqi’s biography and copies of Complete Treatise on Agriculture, Euclid's Elements, Chongzhen Almanac and Xu Guangqi’s Military Thoughts. Among its exhibits is the Great Universal Geographic Map, the only surviving replica of its original in Nanjing Museum.