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Shanghai Maglev Science and Technology Hall

Add:2100 Longyang Rd

Tel:021-2890 7777


English Service Available


Venture to Longyang Road Station along Metro Line 2 to visit this little gem, where you can learn all you ever wanted to know about Shanghai’s Maglev train. The Maglev is the first and only commercial Maglev line in the world. It runs between Longyang Road Station on Line 2 and Pudong International Airport — a distance of 30 kilometers it completes in 8 minutes. Guinness World Records calls it the “fastest on-land transport in the world” as trains reach a top speed of 431 kilometers per hour.

The venue has five halls. The main hall uses models to introduce Maglev technology from Germany. The R&D hall details the development of railway transport and the advantages of a Maglev line. The construction hall introduces the history of Shanghai’s Maglev project. The video hall plays promotional videos while the gift shop sells souvenirs.