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Rui Jin No. 11

Add:11/F, 118 Ruijin No.2 Rd



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Its not often xiaolongbao comes with a natural escape from Shanghai's surrounding concrete jungle. But the restaurant in the historic Rui Jin Hotel is an idyllic setting to sample some expertly made dumplings.The hotel's historical gardens, with a bubbling stream, quaint bridge and abundant bird life are a tranquil oasis for diners.

Floral scents, chirping birds and lush green garden views are the rewards for diners braving season chills to choose an outside seat. The restaurant helpfully provides a complimentary scarf for those unprepared for fickle autumn weather.

The xiaolongbao is a revelation. It is homey and welcoming rather than elegantly delicate; with bold ginger flavors that reminded this scribe of her mother's cooking.The natural surrounds and peaceful ambience make this a hidden gem among Shanghai's xiaolongbao choices.

Price: Pork xiaolongbao 24 yuan