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Aunty Shen's Shunan Restaurant

Add:100 Nanyang Rd


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In the morning, the only food for sale at Aunty Shen's Shunan Restaurant is ci fan tuan (steamed sticky rice balls).

Every day Aunty Shen steams two buckets of red glutinous rice, which is then pounded into dough, shaped into balls, stuffed with sweet or savory filling, dusted with rice flour and steamed.Originally an imperial court snack, the rice balls became popular with everyone for their variety and creative fillings.

Instead of using the usual sweet fillings such as sesame, sugar and red bean paste, Aunty Shen also stuffs the rice balls with deep-fried dough stick or pickled eggs.

The small restaurant has been open for more than 20 years and many locals grew up eating Aunty Shen's rice balls for breakfast. Every day nearly 1,000 rice balls are sold for around 4.5 yuan (72 US cents) each.

The rice balls are favorites with workers in nearby office buildings since they provide rice for energy and egg for protein.