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Pancakes & Dough Sticks Night Market

Add:203 Huoshan Rd


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Every day and night there are long queues at the breakfast and midnight snack stall on Huashan Road, which opens from 10pm to 10am.

Both Chinese pancakes (da bing) and deep-fried dough sticks (you tiao) are crisp and aromatic.Pancakes can be either sweet or salty; sweet pancakes are made with sugar and covered with sesame seeds, while salty pancakes are covered with shallot slices.

Compared with Western pancakes, Chinese ones are made from a thin dough, not a batter, and fried in a pan or on a skillet.Deep-fried dough sticks are golden in color and very fragrant.The fermented dough is mixed with alum powder, twisted into long strips and deep-fried in oil.

Diners often order a bowl of hot soybean milk or tofu pudding (豆腐花 3 yuan). They can add some dried shrimp or seaweed to the pudding. Some people like to dip the dough sticks in soybean milk.

The stall also sells deep-fried rice bars and egg pancakes.