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Chenshan 517 Horse Riding Club

Add:Sanxin Rd N., Near Chenhua Rd

Tel:400 820 7173



Covering an area of 26,000 square meters, the Chenshan 517 Horse Riding Club in Songjiang District has complete horse riding equipment and a professional team of coaches. The club offers tailor-made training courses for primary, medium and advanced learners. It has 300 club members and has 24 horses including English Thoroughbred, Arabian and Mongolian horses.

Riding clubs like this one have sprouted in the suburbs in recent years in response to booming demand. Members visit the clubs on weekends to ride, and the richest often board their own horses there. The club also holds regular equestrian activities and championship contests. The membership costs 3,800 yuan for one person (22 courses) 6,800 yuan for a couple (40 courses) and 9,800 yuan for a family (70 courses).

Moreover, there are a lot of things to do nearby. You can go to enjoy the wintersweet and other plants at Chenshan Botanical Garden. Or, there’s hiking at Sheshan Mountain. Going fishing at nearby Happy Farmer Houses is also a good choice for a  relaxing afternoon. The Happy Farmer Houses, or nong jia le, provide fresh local cuisine and fruit.

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