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Sun Island Horse Riding Farm

Add:2588 Shentai Rd

Tel:021-6186 9666


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With seven years of experienced horse track management and 50-60 well trained horses, the Sun Island Horse Riding Farm offers an enchanting riding environment and a professional riding coach team.

The farm has a 600-meter riding sand track that is the longest in Shanghai. It has a great variety of horses, including Dutch Warmblood, English Thoroughbred, German Holsteiner, Yili and Mongolian.

The farm offers training classes according to age and level. The professional coach team has certified equestrian athletes. It is also a good place to meet friends and relax from work. It costs 50 yuan for a ride on the 600-meter track.

Besides horse riding practice, the Sun Island Resort also has Mahota Farm, which shares health and happiness tips and tailors personalized plans that include growing and picking vegetables, creating herb and mini-pot arrangements, baking healthy scones, making jam from freshly picked fruits and practicing yoga in the open air.