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Shanghai Angel Bay Vacationland Horse Riding Farm

Add:2579 Dongbing Rd, Hengsha Island

Tel:021-5689 5858


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Riding a horse on the beach and watching the sunrise and sunset is an exhilarating experience.

Hengsha Island is smaller, lesser known and less crowded than Chongming Island and it makes a fine getaway from the city. Visitors can drive — it’s on the way to Chongming Island.The farm is part of Hengsha Island Angel Beach Resort. It has 19 horses and a riding ring, as well as a beach for riding on the shore of the South China Sea, and 200,000 square meters of grassland.

Riding under a blue sky dotted with white clouds is a memorable experience. At night, visitors can watch the twinkling stars that cannot be seen because of Shanghai light and air pollution.It costs 180 yuan per hour for wild ride on the beach and 15 yuan for each circuit of the track.The training class is 15,000 yuan for 100 hours.

The resort offers many activities, including barbecue, picking vegetables, fishing, cycling and cart racing. Fresh river fish and vegetables are delicious.