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Galerie Junger

Add:2F, Block 7,The Bridge 8 Phase II, 458 Jumen Rd

Tel:021-5169 9933

Time:Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm



Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Galerie Junger and Design DMU formed a strategic alliance with a first cooperation in Shanghai within an integrated art gallery cum design studio space. There is an atelier space where a rotating schedule of artist-in-residence creates artworks for new exhibitions and special project commissions as a ‘live’ showcase of their art styles and techniques. A lifestyle lounge provides a day-to-day sanctuary for creative innovation and also allows for special showcases and events. This is a new concept for a lifestyle / creative studio space which organically unites leading practitioners in the complementary fields of art, design and various lifestyle brands all under one roof. Besides public exhibitions and art sales to collectors through the two art galleries in Berlin and one in Shanghai, Galerie Junger also offers art consultancy for hotels, gastronomy and other commercial projects, Rent-A-Masterpiece services and the conceptualisation of art and art-related events. It operates within an international environment having organised public and private art events in Austria, Germany, Italy, China, Hong Kong and Singapore, and is also a partner within the consulting firm of Walter Junger & Friends, Ltd.