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Peach Orchard in Laogang Town

Add:3 Yulan Rd

Tel:021-6829 0056



Peach Orchard in Laogang Town near the Nanhui area now has approximately 22,000 peach trees the orchard since 2011 . It is said that this orchard boasts the biggest peach orchard in East China, featuring 56 kinds of peach blossoms.

In addition to blooming peach trees, there are also pear blossoms and rape flowers in the orchard, rendering exuberant vitality and explosion of various colors — rosy pink, pure white and bright yellow.

Gray tiles and white walls surround the orchard, which blocks the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Inside the orchard, there is a pagoda that visitors can climb to get a bird’s-eye view of the stunning blossoms in silhouette against the white walls and stone bridges. Bicycles are available for rent.

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