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Jiading Wisteria Park

Add:45 Bole Rd, Jiading District



This park on Bole Road is one of only three wisteria parks in the world. It opened in 2000 to celebrate Jiading’s friendly cooperation with Wake Town of Okayama Prefecture in Japan. Using a combination of Chinese and Japanese styles, 27 varieties of wisteria can be found in the park. April and May is the best time to view wisteria plants as the flowers bloom in various shades of purple, white and pink.

Jiading Wisteria Park is in the style of a Japanese garden. Wisteria is in full bloom in April and May. On entering the park, you will see clusters of purple, white and pink wisteria flowers to delight anyone who loves nature.

Address: 45 Bole Rd, Jiading Town

Admission: Free