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35mm Cafe

Add:385-10 Gudun Rd

Tel:0571-8535 6287



Based on a photography theme, 35mm features simple and cozy decor. The milky walls and wooden furniture resemble Japanese minimalism. Shelves display rolls of film, photographic books, photo frames and Lomo cameras.

35mm’s coffee has gained a good reputation across Hangzhou. Guang Ying Liu Hen, literally light and shadow in Chinese, is an iced coffee with Mandheling coffee beans from Brazil mixed with milk. The wheat-flavored milk tea and cheesecake are also highly recommended.

Now a hangout for Hangzhou’s shutterbugs, photography parties are held in the cafe occasionally. Photographers are encouraged to bring their works. Those with an  nterest in photography can check the notices posted by the cafe on douban.com.