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Chun Yun Coffee House

Add:41-2 Gaoji Rd

Tel:0571-8735 8619


Owned by two sisters, Chun Yun already has five branches around the city. Each cafe boasts garish, old-fashioned and exotic decor. The gate is very distinctive with plants clustered on wooden chairs, an old television sits on a bench while vinyl records, colorful candy boxes and other ornate items are arranged on wooden shelves.Gadgets and antique collections of matches, cups, hair bands, badges, cellphone accessories and notebooks decorate the interior.

Some customers say the decor is overdone, complaining, “wherever you look, there’s a decorative item.” These knickknacks were gathered by the owners on their trips abroad.

The price of coffee is a bit higher than average, but the unique decor and tranquil surroundings make it ideal for customers who want to linger leisurely.