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Guilin Mansion

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Inside Guilin Park, one of Shanghai’s notorious figures, “Pockmarked” Hung Jinrong, built an extravagant residence. He was then the senior police officer in the French gendarmerie in the 1920s and 30s, and associated very closely with gangsters.

The interior design of the two-story structure is Chinese and European, with European-style sofas embroidered in traditional Chinese patterns, Ming and Qing dynasty furniture and elaborate chandeliers.

The park itself is filled with osmanthus trees, probably the largest concentration downtown. Diners can see pavilions, stone bridges and a rockery with old trees, peach blossoms and winter jasmine.

The menu is a mix of Cantonese and Shanghai flavors, including costly ingredients such as bird’s nest and abalone.

One highlight is pork braised in sauce with aromatic Pu’er tea, which cuts through the fattiness of the pork. Recommended are the chicken soup with matsutake mushrooms and sweetened osmanthus and lotus soup with white fungus for dessert.

The spring menu features knife fish and bamboo shoots. A wide range of teas are served.