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Xin Yuan Lou

Add:Bldg 4, 118 Ruijing No. 2 Rd

Tel:64725222 ext 7340

Time:11:30am-2:30pm; 5:30pm-10pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Cantonese and Shanghai cuisine are featured in a Western fine dining style. The restaurant occupies a three-story, red brick, French Provincial villa with a marble balcony.It was built in the 1920s by H.E. Morriss, a British newspaper tycoon whose family published the influential North China Daily News.

Diners can appreciate a sweeping view of a 100-acre walled French garden.

The chef from Guangdong Province is known for seafood and dim sum. Notable are the pan-fried scallops wrapped in bacon, sauteed beef fillet with garlic, and sweet, fatty and juicy Cantonese siumei roasted meats.

The cigar pastry is shaped like a cigar with brown wheat break skin; inside is shrimp meat and the ash tip is a mixture of thousand island dressing and sesame paste.

Crispy walnut puff pastry is filled with crushed walnuts and peanuts.