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Bo You Scallop King

Add:262-15 Kaixuan Rd

Time:24 hours

Credit Cards Accepted


This eatery is known as “Hangzhou’s King of Scallops.” The restaurant is small, and the prices are higher than erage. Six grilled oysters cost 45 yuan, six scallops 40 yuan and one small abalone 10 yuan.

Grilled scallops are its most famous dish. The scallops are marinated in salt, garlic, fermented soybean sauce, white alcohol spirits, white pepper and starch, and blended with Chinese vermicelli. The scallops are then put on the grill and roasted.

The eatery is so popular among diners that it is packed even at midnight.Plates of grilled callops, oysters and abalone are popular among those who party late into the night.