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Children’s Hospital of Fudan University

Add:399 Wanyuan Rd

Tel:021-6493 1923

Time:24 hours


Children’s Hospital of Fudan University is a tertiary medical center for children certified by the Ministry of Health of China. Since its establishment in 1952, it has been dedicated to providing care and education to pediatric patients.

The hospital aims to be one of the major pediatric medical centers in China and Asia, to be an educational center on pediatric medicine with national influence, and to build up a bridge of academic exchanges on pediatrics for experts from China and abroad.

At present, the hospital has 693 beds and more than 1,100 staff members. It has 31 clinical and technical departments providing excellent service for children from China and abroad. Many programs such as neonatology, cardiology, surgery, critical and emergency medicine, and infectious disease have been granted major disciplines or key clinical subspecialties by Ministry of Health.

The hospital is the Residency Training Base for pediatrician and pediatric surgeon. More than 6,800 pediatricians around the country have been trained in the hospital by 2010. Over 30 national continuing medical education (CME) courses are held annually. It provides training programs for master and doctoral degrees, and postdoctoral fellowship as well.