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Old Shanghai Teahouse

Add:385 Fangbang Rd M.



Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


One of the best reasons to visit Old Shanghai Tea House is to soak up the ambience of old Shanghai of the 1920s and 30s. The cozy interior is decorated with period furniture, collectibles, vintage posters, photos of celebrities and street scenes, even an old American refrigerator. The songs of old Shanghai, recorded by stars of the time, are played in the background. On weekends the tea house presents performances of traditional instruments, including the yangqin, a kind of dulcimer, and erhu, a two-string "violin." The performers are all veteran artists. The tea ceremony can be enjoyed every day. Prices range from 35-150 (US$5.17-US$22.15). Small snacks are offered along with tea.
Directions: Take Metro Line no.1 to Huangpi S. metro station exit 2, walk straight and cross two traffic lights, turn right at Wang Jiao Restaurant and take bus 932 towards Yu yuan Garden.