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Huilongtan Park

Add:68 Shaxia Rd, Jiading Town

Tel:021-5953 2604


Located by the side of the Jiading Confucius Temple, Huilongtan Park is a small and delicate garden. The park is in two sections. The southern part is a natural landscape made up of Yingkui Hill and Huilongtan Pond. From the Siyi Pavilion on Yingkui Hill you can view all the park’s scenic areas. The highlight here is a stage that was moved from the Qianye Guild Hall in Shanghai’s Zhabei District. The northern part is clustered with many scenic spots, including a spring, a pavilion, a courtyard and a pool. The large grassy area next to the pond is an ideal place to take a break. The park is also near the thriving Zhouqiao Old Street, another interesting place to visit.

Admission: 5 yuan

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