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Lan Villa

Add:11 Yangjia Hill, Manjuelong Village

Tel:0571-8798 0660



The boss of Lan Villa was formerly worked in Shangri-la Hotel. Later she quit her job and picked a secluded location in Manjuelong to erect a guesthouse.

The guesthouse is hard to find with lush vegetation covered. Nonetheless, the considerate staff would pick you up if you inform them that you cannot find its location.

Unlike chic and cold décor of starred hotels, Lan Villa features comfy décor with a glass room, a children play room and a chess-poker room. The toiletries and bedding could even meet with the standards of five-star hotels. Handmade soap made of honey and glutinous rice is safe for pregnant women and kids.

Rooms are divided into two kinds―the ones overlooking the rolling mountains and the others facing the back yards. Since March to October is the busy season of Lan Villa, booking beforehand is recommended.

Price:360-880 yuan

Dining: free breakfast comprised of traditional Chinese dim sum and western snacks. The guesthouse also serves western lunch and supper with a reasonable charge.

Special service: free wifi, free children’s nutritious meals, free longjing tea and books.

How to get there: take BUS Y3 to Shuiledong Bus Station and continue to walk forward fro two minutes.