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Meander Tree Theme Resort

Add:58 Siyanjing

Tel:0571-8797 9158



Shanghainese designer Fang Xiaowei rejuvenated a couple of big old villas in Siyanjing into a guesthouse with 58 different style rooms in 2008. Thereafter, it becomes a popular hangout for backpackers from home and abroad.

Every room of the guesthouse has a unique theme, from Japanese minimalism and Greek Mediterranean scenery to IKEA simple style and American pastoral view.

The guesthouse has a restaurant which proclaims to provide guests with freshest local organic food materials every day. The café situated in a wooden cabin can accommodate 40 people at the same time. It is shaped as a boat equipped with a small theater. Films would be screened on every Monday evening and bands would present wonderful performance on every weekend night.

Price: 288-998 yuan

Dining: free Hangzhou style breakfast

Special service: band performance and free movie

How to get there: take BUS 4/31/808/315/318/504/197/822 to Hangzhou Zoo, and then ascend along Gujing’er Road.